Do I really need a website for my restaurant?

My own website? What's the point?

You have a lovely restaurant, serving great food. The front window looks inviting, and you have a big phone number printed on there. People pass by and notice your sign, some give you a try, and hopefully your business is getting known in your area by word-of-mouth. It may also be listed on other websites, and you may take online orders from them. So why do you also need to have a professional website of your own? What will your own web presence bring to your business?

People use the internet to search for restaurants

In our internet-connected world, when people are looking for somewhere to eat, whether it is a last minute rush, a planned celebration or family treat, they will most likely use a search engine to look for restaurants and takeaways in their area. If your restaurant or takeaway does not come up in the search results those customers will not become yours. An establishment that does not have a website stands no chance against a restaurant that has a website that is inviting, informative and user friendly.

Your website is your front door

By having a website, customers get a feel for the restaurant or takeaway and for what kind of food is served. The design of the website should reflect the design of the establishment, making it easier for customers to decide whether it is what they are looking for. To do that it needs to be your own site - made specially to promote just you and your food. A professional website is a low-cost, permanent advertising channel that vastly increases a restaurant’s visibility and generates interest in customers who willing to try somewhere new, especially when it comes to impromptu ordering.

Online table booking saves time for everyone

A table booking system allows customers to see what space and times are available on what days. This saves time in comparison to phoning a restaurant and bartering whether the times are available for the amount of people that the customer requires. Online table booking clearly sets out the space and times available for the customer to look at their own leisure, decreasing the amount of calls staff have to take. The system is also more effective for the recording of bookings to better organise the restaurant, no bookings are lost or forgotten on an online automated system. The customer receives an email or confirmation page as a reminder of the date and time of the booking. Booking online can increase the amount of customers a restaurant receives because the online booking option is great for customers who do not like to talk on the phone. It will also help those customers that expect an automatic service and do not have time to phone up at a time your staff are in. When restaurants don’t offer this option or don’t have a website it gives a bad impression to the customer that the quality of the restaurant is going to be reflected in the quality of the service they experience online.

Get a professional website with table bookings

Online ordering means fewer mistakes and happier customers

Ordering online represents a whole new sales channel, enabling restaurants and takeaways to increase their time efficiency and accuracy. The online system records the customer’s order exactly as they chose it. By having the same format laid out for customer and employee it decreases the chances of error dramatically. It saves time because employees don’t have to spend valuable minutes on the phone to customers who may not have decided what they want to order. The customer doesn’t have to call back if the restaurant’s phone is engaged with another customer, which can sometimes be a big inconvenience during busy periods, leading to a loss of custom. Some online ordering systems allow the customer to follow their order’s progress and see exactly when to expect their food, resulting in happier customers.

A restaurant’s website, with online table booking and food ordering is very convenient for both business organisation and customer satisfaction. Those restaurants without these services run the risk of being overlooked by potential customers who seek a fast online service that gives them control and flexibility. Websites and ordering systems have become very affordable and if a good one is selected by a restaurant it should provide them with many years of valuable sales for very little effort or cost.