Meet the Team

Cozied up in the heart of Shoreditch, we FOODies make it our mission to bring the best products to the best, independent restaurants and takeaways of London and beyond. Nothing makes us happier than connecting people with their long-sought after dishes or helping your business grow!

We are a gregarious but experienced bunch of creative people who work hard to connect restaurants with their customers and showcase their food online in the best way possible. Our team consists of skillful Product Managers, smooth Restaurant Success Team Specialists, a trusty HR crew and a talented Development team creating slick websites and apps. We've also created – the holy grail of discovering the best dishes you never knew existed. With the support of our parent company, JJ Food Service, we are growing fast and eradicating terrible meals one step at a time.

The FOODit team

  • Product

    directing the development
    of each of FOODit’s
    online products
    The Product Managers are more like
    product gurus who ensure all our
    restaurant websites, ordering apps as
    well as run smoothly
    night and day. Their main forte is
    coming up with simple, efficient
    innovations to maximize the
    restaurants’ and users’

  • Restaurant
    success team

    providing support
    to all our customers
    7 days a week
    Our customer support team are not
    just your average support assistants,
    but Restaurants Success Specialists!
    They don’t just help our customers
    set up on day 1 but will look after
    their business online for them
    and be there to help when
    it’s needed.

  • Central Dish

    working to create the
    best dish discovery
    site on earth
    The Central Dish team are our ultimate
    foodies. They are the no. 1 specialists
    when it comes to discovering hidden
    gems or identifying food trends.
    They are well on their way to
    creating the greatest dish
    discovery platform
    on earth!

  • Development

    our expert programmers,
    creating websites and
    apps that work
    Creating our beautiful sites and apps
    are the FOODit developers and designers.
    Working closely together they are
    committed to crafting the beautiful,
    smooth running software to re-invent
    tech for restaurants and

  • FOODie Ops

    supporting the
    FOODit team
    These work behind the scenes to make
    sure that all the other FOODies have
    everything they need to be happy and
    productive. They make sure that
    FOODit grows in the right way
    with the right people.

  • Sales team

    Generating new businesses Our Sales team are a band of
    proactive, go-getters who never
    stop moving! They are the face
    of FOODit to our customers and
    help create the initial step towards
    strong, long-lasting
    business relationships.