Why even small restaurants need an EPOS system, ASAP!

The benefits of EPOS

POS or EPOS systems (electronic point of sale) are common in many different types of business around the world. They have revolutionised the way that many businesses work by making them more time and cost efficient. This is especially useful for restaurants and takeaways because timing is very important for them and their customers. Timing is central to keeping diners happy, as they have to wait for their order to be taken, wait for their food to be made and then wait for the bill. A good restaurant EPOS system speeds these processes up a great deal, keeping customers happy and freeing staff to serve others more quickly. Not only this, but they help restaurant and takeaway owners and managers keep organised behind the scenes.

An EPOS automatically compiles records

An EPOS system does a lot of the number crunching for managers and owners, relieving some of the stress of the day-to-day running of a restaurant or takeaway. EPOS software also does a great deal of the hard work in complying with accounting, employment and tax regulations for owners. Regardless of the size of the establishment or the amount of time that it has been running, an EPOS will be beneficial from day one of a restaurant’s existence. Having a system in place from the very beginning would ensure that all records are complete for owners and managers to look back on, invaluable to understand how best to manage the business going forward.

EPOS data security

A good EPOS system handles some of the most important aspects of a business. It will help owners and managers keep track of sales, employees, rotas, payrolls, all of which are recorded for use in accounting and bookkeeping. Other useful EPOS features can include keeping track of stocktaking, and alerting managers and owners when certain stock items are running low. This can save money by making it apparent which items are not selling as well as they should, allowing owners to revamp their menus. Making this even more revolutionary in the running of a restaurant or takeaway is the fact that this information can be accessed securely and remotely, therefore allowing an establishment to be securely managed from anywhere around the world. Newer systems use a cluster or ‘cloud’ database which eliminates the risk of data-loss from crashing or system downtime so owners and managers need not worry about losing information or being unable to run their businesses.

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Tablet-based EPOS systems

On the daily service side of the EPOS, tablet systems are being used more and more in table service. These mobile POS system allows applications such as payments, online ordering, tableside ordering by staff and tabletop ordering by customers. All of this saves time and creates records immediately for future reference. Alongside this, POS systems help greatly by automatically printing receipts, taking card payments and calculating the total and change for staff allowing for a quicker service time. When fully integrated with a restaurant's website, the best EPOS systems will allow staff to manage online orders and online table bookings on the same system alongside face-to-face and telephone sales and bookings.

EPOS flexibility

Good POS systems are very pliable to an individual business’ needs. Three steps should be taken when a business is looking to invest in a POS system: design, compare and negotiate. These steps will make the outcome fit more closely with the restaurant or takeaway’s needs. Research in the design step determines which features of the POS are needed, then this information is compared to POS systems to ensure the system will meet the needs of the establishment. Finally is the negotiation, making sure the price is sustainable for the business is a crucial element for the selection of any EPOS system.

EPOS is a wise investment

A restaurant EPOS is a valuable asset for any food business, old or new, large or small. The support that a good system can offer owners and managers alike is vital to the successful long term running of a business. With the newer tablet and cloud-based technologies the cost has come down from the days of large bespoke computer terminals and tills, and the stability and usability have increased dramatically. It makes good sense for all restaurants and takeaways, no matter how small, to seriously consider an EPOS system for their business.